Minister Arreaza accompanies the awarding of housing to families of the 22 de Enero Pioneers’ Camp

This Thursday, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, was present at the community event that delivered 40 Housing Award Certificates to the families of the 22 de Enero Pioneers’ Camp located in the municipality of Chacao, Miranda state.

This Camp was born on January 22, 2011. It constitutes a Movement of Settlers that supports collective property and the struggle for the right to live in urban lands.

In this sense, Iraida Morocoima, spokeswoman of the Pioneers Camp, expressed her joy because today, 40 families receive their certificate and become part of the collective property.

“Here, there are regulations and principles that we must comply with to ensure that this work continues with the support of the entire collective. We pledge to follow the legacy of Commander Chavez to consolidate the development of community life”, he expressed.

Likewise, Luz Marina Ramirez of the Movement of Settlers stated that they are part of the construction engine of the Great Venezuelan Housing Mission (GMVV). Their self-management counted with the support of the Bolivarian Revolution, and they have carried out relevant works to guarantee a decent roof for Venezuelan families.

“Despite the fact that we are in an opposition municipality, we have overcome adversities. We are winning the battle by achieving the welfare of the people, especially the ones in need. We want to advance in our self-management policy. We want the other Camps to also benefit from decent housing. For this, we hope to continue counting on the State so that the Popular Power continues to empower itself in the different spaces of the territory”.

For his part, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, also spokesman of the Movement, emphasized that this work is only possible thanks to the means granted by the revolutionary Government. Along with the will to the labor of the community. With effort and commitment could build their home.

“We are demonstrating with practices, with facts, that the Communes as a way of life, are a reality, they are viable, they are not utopia. It is a new model of organization with a productive system that is in the hands of us, the people”, he said.

He commented that the Assembly of Citizens of this sector congregates almost 200 families. Every week, discuss and debate the problems, needs and community projects. “We will work to continue with communal democracy, to guarantee the life of the citizens in an environment of solidarity and peace,” he explained.

In this regard, Minister Jorge Arreaza stressed that this alternative model of organization and self-management must become a right for life.

“The 22 de Enero Pioneers Camp is a habitat project, more than a housing project, with a coexistence model where a Communal Council and a Citizens’ Assembly, which establishes its own community rules to guarantee good living,” highlighted.

Minister Arreaza pointed out that, with the support of President Nicolás Maduro, the Movement of Settlers will become a Law so that, together with the State, all Venezuelans can organize themselves to create and strengthen community life”.

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