Commune El Panal 2021 shows its potential to the president of Libya Filkema Party.

This Saturday, president of the Libya Filkema Party in Libya, Nidhal Badredine Ghadri, visited the Socialist Commune El Panal 2021, located in the parish of 23 de Enero in Caracas. The spokespersons of the Communal Councils and the Commune showed him the whole transformation of the habitat. They also explained how the people have the protagonist participation in their processes.

Alongside the People’s Power, Badredine, learned about the organization process of the Communal Councils, the functioning of the electoral processes and the Federal Council of Government, the participation of women in the projects; as well as the organization of the Commune for self-management in the construction of housing.

He also toured the facilities where the textile mill, pig breeding, and the Community Radio and Television Station of the sector operate.

After listening to the organized Popular Power, Nidhal Badredine, committed himself to support several the infrastructure projects, besides bringing Libyan architects to Venezuela so they would learn about these experiences to put them into practice in the country’s Communes.

On several occasions, the president of the Libya Filkema Party has reiterated his support for the Bolivarian Revolution. In addition to political relations, he has expressed his interest in advocating the establishment of economic and investment relations with Venezuela through his liaisons.

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