President Maduro launches the revolutionary 1×10 method to govern with the People’s Power.

From the Poliedro de Caracas (“Caracas Polyhedron Arena”), President Nicolas Maduro launched this Friday the 1×10 method of Good Governance, the Map of Solutions, and the Concrete Action Agenda, as part of a new way of governing in direct connection with the Popular Power, which includes another five steps or rungs.

Four years later, after being reelected with a great electoral victory in the presidential elections of May 20, 2018, the head of state asserted that he had plenty of achievements. But “what is coming now is superior, it is bigger and to achieve it we need new working methods, to overcome bureaucracy.”

He explained that the 1×10 method of Good Governance, the Map of Solutions, and the Concrete Action Agenda is a relevant invention. So, he asked for great creativity, a spirit of participation, understanding, and patience.

“It is an all-encompassing operation of a civil-military-police nature. It includes the whole society, the whole territory, all sectors, all the people and is the construction of a new system of technological and human connection to prioritize and attend to the real problems of the people, so that the people have an answer in real-time”, defined the President.

In enumerating the steps of the new government management strategy, the President indicated that the doctrine that governs this new stage is the 3R.Net (Resistance, Renaissance, Revolution) towards 2030.

As a second step, he mentioned six strategic lines of action: first, to advance and guarantee the integral economic recovery of the country, strengthening the productive engines; second, to guarantee plans for rewarding human development and social protection of the people; third, to ensure the right to the environment, the city, and public services; fourth, guarantee and promote the participation of the Popular Power for Good Governance, which includes the Communal Councils, the Communes, the strengthened CLAPs, the leadership of the street chiefs, community chiefs, UBCh, social movements; fifth, defend national sovereignty and integrity, peace and consolidate the role of Venezuela in the new world geopolitics and sixth, consolidate a new system of justice, citizen security, and peace quadrants as a priority of the model for the fight against crime.

VenApp and Linea 58

The 1×10 method of Good Governance, the Solutions Map, and the Concrete Action Agenda constitute the third step. “We start today May 20. I call on all the people to register, through the Homeland platform, their 1×10 of Good Government until July 20. That is 60 days for registration, legalization, and activation from the community, and the family. 1×10 as a minimum, but it can be 1×15, 1×20. This method will allow them to make their reports, complaints, alerts and concrete proposals for solutions, in a new form of government with the People’s Power”, detailed President Maduro.

Regarding the Solutions Map, he appointed the sectorial Vice-President of Planning, Ricardo Menendez, as the national head (it will also have municipal and state levels). He instructed him to form a team that must include the Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, and the Minister of Public Works, Raul Paredes.

Likewise, he specified that the Concrete Action Agenda (ACA) of each grassroots organization of the People’s Power facilitates the construction of the action for the good government in the spaces where they live. “We do it together, the government with all its power, regions, and municipalities and the people with their agenda and integrated organization. We are building solutions in the new stage of the recovered, prosperous, beautiful, and happy Venezuela,” he said.

In the fourth step, he prioritized the public water service, education, and public health as issues to address in the 60 days of the start-up of the new stage through alerts, denunciations, and constructive action.

The fifth step announced by the Head of State is the birth of the social network of the VenApp application for the Venezuelan people and youth, which will have Line 58 to be used by the people and make their denunciation or report to the operation of public services.

Finally, the President pointed out that the sixth step is the command posts that will have the capacity to communicate directly with the neighbors, and heads of communities on the streets, the first one being the Presidential Command Post at the Miraflores Palace. It will be connected directly with the people 24 hours a day, with replicas in the states and municipalities.

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