The delegation of South African legislators learns about the experience of the organization of the People’s Power in Venezuela

Within the framework of their visit to Venezuela to study best practices in the field of citizen participation and petitions, a delegation from the Provincial Legislature of Gauteng, Republic of South Africa, held a meeting this Wednesday with the Vice Minister for Community and Social Organization and Participation of the Ministry of Popular Power for Communes and Social Movements, Cesar Carrero.

The visiting delegation was formed by the deputies Lentheng Helen Mekgwe (spokesperson), Mpapa Kanyane (vice president of the Committees), Mzikayifane Mzi Elias Khumalo (head of the ANC), Joe Mpisi (chairman of the Finance Committee), and Fasiha Hassan, in addition to Thulani Malatsi (manager of Stakeholder Relations) and Olga Msimango (secretary).

The South African legislators expressed their interest in knowing how the whole process of organization of the People’s Power developed in Venezuela for decision making, how the Venezuelan legislation has supported this process and how resources are administered by the Communal Councils, among others.

Vice Minister Carrero offered a general and chronological balance on the organization of the Popular Power since the arrival of Commander Hugo Chávez to power in 1999, the beginning of the first organizations, such as the Urban Land Committees, the Water Technical Committees, the Electricity Committees and their evolution and incorporation to the Communal Councils and the Communes as a superior instance; the creation of Communal Banks for the administration of resources and the development of socio-productive projects. He also commented on the experiences of both rural and urban Communes. The number of families according to the typology and the projects they develop.

The delegation of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature will be in the country between April 26 and 29. Gauteng is one of the nine provinces that make up the Republic of South Africa, located in the northeast of the country and its capital is Johannesburg.

On Tuesday, the African delegation visited the state of La Guaira. First, they shared with the legislators of the regional Legislative Council there. Later, they toured the community of El Piache II, where they appreciated the deployment of the social missions implemented by the Bolivarian Government to meet the needs of the people.

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